My big personal project, which is providing while a couple of years. The presented idea is a concept of the game interface. The universe from this game is a part of a longer story.


The whole idea is consistent and has a self mark, which is generally part of identity in this game


Concept and idea

The idea of ​​this project based on new FPS games, so we get inspirations from Call of Duty, Destiny 2, and Ghost Recon. Most important for us it’s a user experience and functions.




The most important screen is the Main menu, from this stage we can begin play.


Choice class and information about, character and story.


The lobby is a place with character level, stats, and equipment.


Player HUD in the game.

Przeglądarka internetowa z której korzystasz jest przestarzała przez co strona może nie wyświetlać się w prawidłowy sposób. Zalecane przeglądarki: Chrome, Firefox, Opera